• What are the factors that affect stock markets?
  • What are the two major divisions of the stock market?
  • What is Margin trading / Day trading / Intra day trading?
  • What is Purchase Today Sell Tomorrow (PTST) ?
  • What is a settlement cycle?
  • What are Pay in, Pay out and auction of securities?
  • On what basis should stock be chosen?
  • What is fundamental analysis?
  • What is Technical analysis?
  • What are Derivatives?
  • What are Futures and Options?
  • What is Futures Trading ?
  • How it is different from Cash market Margin trading?
  • What is (i) Spot Price (ii) Futures price (iii) Contract cycle (iv) Lot size (v) Initial margin?
  • What is (i) Strike price (ii) Premium (iii) Expiry dates in derivatives?
  • What is the difference between European and American option?
  • Why do people use options?
  • What are the advantages of derivatives?
  • What is Put-call ratio?
  • What is Daily Volatility?
  • What is Rollover?
  • What is Open Interest in Derivatives?
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